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"That girl is a monster..."
don't stop believin
Hi all;

Gosh, it's been a while since I've been here. Life has been strange the past couple of weeks, as I've got back from Wonderful Holiday and everything is a bit messy, but a couple of really awesome things have happened which I wanted to babble about. So, y'know, excuse that. Under the cut(s) so it doesn't take up all the space. 

Equal Marriage
Last Wednesday the Scottish government announced they were moving forward with legislation to legalise same-sex marriage in Scotland :). was pretty awesome. They've been stalling for a bit, and the ridiculous Ass-hats that were representing the Catholic Church threatened Big Money to oppose the campaign, so we were all kinda worried the government were gonna run and hide. But they didn't. They came through, which means same-sex marriage will be legal in Scotland by 2015 (at the latest, I hope: what takes so frakking long???!). It also means Scotland will be the first part of the UK to legalise same-sex marriage, so I'm pretty fucking proud of my country right now-- which isn't always the case so, yay :). 

In a similar vein, one of my friends from America (from Georgia, in the very deepest of the Deep South) forwarded me this video last night, all about the same-sex marriage debate in America. it's basically this wonderful sermon from a really intelligent, level-headed, passionate gay Christian explaining why the 'Biblical' arguments against homosexuality are totally null in void in this world today. It's glorious. I cried a bit. And y'know, as a Christian who struggles with dealing with other Christians' prejudiced opinions, it's really affirming to know that there are people of faith out there willing to dig deeper and not just accept 'tradition' as fact. The Christian faith has had alot of not-so-brilliant 'traditions'. Like slaughtering people in the name of Christ, for one. Like totally oppressing the female sex for another. Like condoning slavery for a really freaking long time. So maybe it's time to sit down and go back to the whole 'love your neighbour' thing.

Sorry, didn't mean to get all religious there, I know it can make some people uncomfortable, which is totally understandable. But God is a big part of my life and a good influence on me, so it is constantly infuriating to run up against people who are fine with the idea of love and tolerance except when it applies to gay people. Hypocricy pisses me off. And I'm glad to know there are other Christians out there who aren't just blindly following 'tradition'.  

The video's here, if you want to listen to his wonderful explanations. It is over an hour long, so, y'know: get a coffee or something :)

The Dark Knight Rises (SPOILER ALERT!)
Loved it. Loved it loved it. I probably won't get  much more coherant than that. But it was everything I wanted it to be. I went to our local independant cinema on a Friday after work, got a glass of red wine and a big fuck-off bar of dark chocolate, and sat through nearly three hours of Christopher Nolan's awesomeness.

But damn, these films are dark. The scenes where the crowd are 'taking back' the city from the elite were pretty spine-chilling, 'cos there's so much logic behind it; you can understand why that reality would be appealing. The part where Bane reads Gordon's speech out-- confessing all about Harvey Dent and the reality of Two-Face-- just in the right moment to make Gordon an arch villain to the city of Gotham, made my heart sink, 'cos it's that kind of subtle manipulation that brings corrupt regimes to power. It's that perfect timing (as if I know anything about it! It just, gah, made my heart sad, Gordon is PERFECT, damn you!).  

The Bane storyline worked out better than I expected, as I was pretty sure he didn't have the charisma or gravitas to be the main villain for such a pivotal story. I'm glad there was a lot more behind him. Shame my hopes of a Liam Neeson resurrection didn't come to fruition though. Geez I love that man. 
Wasn't quite sold on Catwoman. I just, I think Anne Hathaway is just too cute. I don't know. I didn't dislike her, but I feel she just wasn't edgy enough to get away with such a strong, cool character. Maybe that's just my instinctive reaction towards attractive women actors. 
LOVED that Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow made yet another cameo. Another actor I adore. Even though in the first movie I am always quite alot terrified  of him and his freakily massive eyes. But also strangely turned on, so... yeah :). 

Best thing. Best thing in the whole movie :). Joseph Gorden-Levitt's characterisation was just perfect: gritty enough to be believable as part of Gotham's police force, but with that same vein of strength and hope that also defined Jim Gordon, and marked him out from the rest of the force, without it ever seeming clichéd. He evolved so subtly throughout the movie, trying to follow his conscience as the city crumbled around him, it was totally believable that he took over Batman's mantel in those final scenes. 

IN SHORT. Lots of love. lots of love. As a closing chapter, I thought it was pretty perfect. In fact, I might make it a Friday tradition for the next month or so.

Being A Little Bit Homeless
Well, that's probably not quite true. When I got home from my holiday I found out the restaurant I live above was closing so, basically, I had to find a new place to stay asap. Cue a week of running around panicking, looking at tiny apartments with extortionate rent, and roomates whose dogs wanted to chew me, and rooms where I had to climb over other furniture to get to bed, before work chipped in, and checked the digs list (where cast members stay while they're in a show with us) are found me a fab room with a couple of hippy musician types, literally twenty seconds from work, at LESS RENT than the (very, very reasonable) rent I pay now.

So, y'know. Yay for that :).

However, yesterday I had to do Packing, which was stupidly sad and I had to draw pretty pictures on the sides of all my boxes to cheer me up. Luckily, it worked.

I'm going to see Lady Gaga in Dublin on 15 Sept! I've upgraded my tickets to special Government Hooker VIP passes, I am SO FREAKING EXCITED. I have never had the chance to wear so many freakin' ridiculous clothes at one time before *claps hands*!!! I will post photos of the freakshow :D. 

Oh, also I'd love to show you some of my Barcelona photos-- I'll try and upload some at a later date. Remind me! It was the most beautiful city, I'm still fighting the urge to just quit work and run away back there and become a waitress/tortured artist. 

So hey, did anyone watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics last Friday? What were your thoughts?? I'm interested, as I'm a theatre person and also a cynical Brit, so I enjoy critical discussions of entertainment events. 


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Still cannot understand why people have such an issue with gay marriage and I am an old-fashioned, no longer young, married, Christian.
TBH, the argument that puzzles me most is that it would have a negative effect on the institution of marriage. Unlike, of course, all those divorces, affairs, so called starter marriages, abusive relationships etc.
My marriage only affects my immediate family and is only affected by them. I really cannot see how someone else making a commitment to the person they love can be a bad thing.
As I also cannot see how any institution can say to half the population, 'we can offer you a job, but, regardless of whether you meet the standard for promotion, you will not get it and we will actively promote less able candidates over you', I have decided that I no longer wish to be part of the Church of England. I have not been able to go recently, due to health issues, but our daughters have been attending the Methodist church locally, which is very welcoming and they have been very understanding.
So, well done Scotland.
Glad you have sorted out your housing. It must have been very unsettling. Makes me remember to be thankful for the roof over our heads, even if there are too many stairs and this week I have been effectively marooned on the middle floor. But, the room next to our bedroom has been painted, has new flooring and the furniture moved so that it is now a sitting room for when I cannot go downstairs. I ate and watched TV in there yesterday evening and it was so nice to see different coloured walls ( also a beautiful colour as it was totally my choice, no having to allow for others' tastes!).

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