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14 June
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I'm in my early twenties, from Glasgow, Scotland. I graduated uni with an obscure arts degree and so am finding it pretty tough getting a permanent job, but I do alot of work for local theatre and I LOVE IT. I <3 the performing arts :).
In my spare time (which I have alot of atm) I spend far too much time in Starbucks with my other less-than-employed friends. I also love writing although to this date I have never finished a whole story. I just love writing character moments and do it all the time. Especially angsty, messy, awkward character moments. I also love acting, though I don't have much outlet for it nowadays. I coach the drama section of my church's performing arts group and whenever they manage to pull a performance together after months of hard work I cry with happiness. 'Cos I am that sad.
I'm a Christian and have been for about 6 years, much to my family's chagrin. I love God even though we have a difficult relationship alot of the time-- but I don't know how I would've managed this whole life malarkey without knowing Him.
I'm about 5"6' and have freakishly pale skin 'cos I live in Scotland and we have about 8 months of winter. My hair was blonde at some point, but it seems parmanently ginger atm 'cos I dye it too often. My eyes are blue and very pretty, though they don't work very well. I have annoyingly short legs. I'm quarter French, but my education sucked so I can't actually speak the language. Though the amount of French slogan tees I own might suggest otherwise. I still live with my parents and it is Difficult. But hey. I'm pretty new to LJ, although I've been lurking for years. This journal basically exists so I can vent then look back years later and laugh at my emo-ness.

love xxx